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Jan 04a Introduction to Galatians - E Gilpin

Jan 18a Galatians 1 E Gilpin

Jan 25a Galations 3 E Gilpin

Feb 01a Galatians 5 E Gilpin

Feb 08a Galatians 6 E Gilpin

Feb 15a Ephesians 1 E Gilpin

Feb 22a Ephesians 2 E Gilpin

Mar 01a Ephesians 3 E Gilpin Mar 08s Ephesians 4 E Gilpin Mar 15a Heaven B Jones Mar 22a Introduction to Philippians E Gilpin Mar 29a The burial of Jesus J Anderson Apr 05a Philippians 2 E Gilpin Apr 12a Self discipline C Stafford Apr 19a Philippians 3 E. Gilpin Apr 26a Introduction to Colossians E Gilpin May 10a At the tomb J Anderson May 17a Colossians 2 E Gilpin May 24a Colossians 4 E Gilpin May 31a The second mile J Beavers June 07a Homosexual Marriage E Gilpin June 14a Around the Throne E Gilpin June 21a A study of God the Father E Gilpin June 28a Repentance E Gilpin July 05a Resurrection J Anderson July 12a Did Jesus condemn homosexuilty E Gilpin July 19a Noah’s preaching E Gilpin July 26a Jehoshaphat E Gilpin Aug 02a John J Anderson Aug 09a The Abundant Life D Petttit Aug 16a Miracles E Gilpin Aug 23a Work P Doss Sep 06a Evangelism E Gilpin

PM Audio

Jan 04p Forgiveness G Durham Jan 18p Galations 2 E Gilpin Jan 25p Galations 4 E Gilpin Feb 01p Water A Gibson Feb 08p Introduction to Ephesians E Gilpin Feb 15p Love J Harrington Mar 01p Complaining N LaPlante Mar 08p Ephesians 5 E Gilpin Mar 15p Ephesians 6 E Gilpin Mar 22p Philippians 1 E Gilpin Mar 29p Who is your baal J Harrington Apr 05p Stress J Guilliams Apr 19p Phiippians 4 E Gilpin                 Apr 28p Colossians 1 E Gilpin May 10p Godly mothers A VanRavestein May 17p Colossians 3 E Gilpin May 24p The word memory E Gilpin May 30p Memorial J Harrington June 14p Victory thru Jesus E Gilpin June 21p What was going on E Gilpin June 28p Different faiths of the new testament E Gilpin July 12p Seven sobering certainties E Gilpin July 19p The God of all comfort E Gilpin July 26p Matthew 24 E Gilpin Aug 02p Ruth J Anderson Aug 09p Climbing back in the raft D Guard Aug 16p When I survey the wonderous cross E Gilpin Aug 23p Questions J Cooke Aug 30p PTP W Dixon  
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