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Jan 05 Joshua 22 E Gilpin Jan 12 It's a brand new year, is it the same old you            Eddy Gilpin Jan 19 A Common Sense Plan for Unity E Gilpin Jan 26 Hold to God's unchanging hand E Gilpin Feb 01 Accepting the exceptions E Gilpin Feb 09 Reminders of Victory E Gilpin Feb 16 How does God's word teach (1) E Gilpin Feb 23 How does God's word teach (2) E Gilpin Mar 02 How does God's word teach (3) E Gilpin Mar 09 How does God's word teach (4) E Gilpin Mar 16 Paradoxes of the cross E Gilpin Mar 23 Examples of disobedience in the book of                Acts E Gilpin Mar 30 The message of Christ to the disciples                Jerry Anderson Apr 06 The Body of Christ E Gilpin Apr 13 The life changing trip E Gilpin Apr 20 Why we will not be celebrating Easter                at West Side this year E Gilpin Apr 27 Am I Faithful to God E Gilpin May 04 Seven things HOPE Explains E Gilpin May 11 Mother E Gilpin May 25 Ps 22 Prophecies of the Cross E Gilpin Jun 01 Shall we continue in sin E Gilpin Jun 08 After all else fails what remains E Gilpin Jun 15 The kind of dad every child needs E Gilpin Jun 22 The unmerciful servant E Gilpin June 29 The Betrayal J Anderson Jul 06 When mens blood ran cold E Gilpin Jul 13 Calvary is near J Anderson Jul 20 Are you white washed or washed white E Gilpin Jul 27 The Cross series J Anderson Aug 03 Calvary is here, forgiveness J Anderson Aug 10 Noah, profile of a visionary E Gilpin Aug 17 God is our Refuge E Gilpin Aug 24 What are you afraid of today W Dixon Aug 31I've had it up to here E Gilpin Sep 07 Paul's Reasoning E Gilpin Sep 14 There is a phobia for that E Gilpin Sep 21The case of the vicious vipers 1 E Gilpin  Sep 28 Friends and family day E Gilpin J Anderson Oct 05 Mercy B Grider Oct 12 10 advantages of going to hell E Gilpin Oct 19 Grocery Shopping B Garby Oct 26 Signs and wonders at Calvary J Anderson  Nov 09 Reverence E Gilpin Nov 16 Are you thinking right about doing wrong                E Gilpin Nov 23 Proper worship E Gilpin Nov 30 The first sin in the church E Gilpin Dec 07 Here am I -- Here I am E Gilpin Dec 14  It could have been too late E Gilpin Dec 21 a Positive lessons from negative stories               E Gilpin Dec 28 The footsteps of Jesus L White
Jan 05 David J Beavers Jan 12 The Church in Prophecy E Gilpin Jan 19 The Church Begins E Gilpin Jan 26 The mission of the church E Gilpin Feb 01 If you don't stand for something.. Feb 09 Church Membership E Gilpin Feb 16 Church Government E Gilpin Feb 23 The Flood J Maio Mar 09 Worship E Gilpin Mar 16 What are you writing with your life E Gilpin Mar 23 Q & A (Building & Meals) E Gilpin Apr 06 Storms D Brown Apr 13  Q & A ( Till we see Him & Elders) EGilpin Apr 20  Q&A (John the Baptist & Angels) E Gilpin Apr 27  Q & A ( Funds, Israel Saved) E Gilpin May 11 Q & A (Entertainment, dreams, confession) E                     Gilpin May 25 Q and A MDR,Standing for Truth E Gilpin Jun 08 Q&A Images, Re-baptized MDR E Gilpin Jun 15 Q&A (Demons) E Gilpin Jun 22 4 Things D Brown Jun 29 Young Men Garrett & Jimmy Jul 06 Woman at the church C Brown Jul 13 Ruth J Anderson Jul 20 The value of a soul D Curd Jul 27 Ruth Chapt. 2 J. Anderson Aug 03 How are you living your life Aaron              VanRavestein Aug 10 Q & A Tattoos & Piercings and Judgement              E Gilpin Aug 17 Q & A E. Gilpin Aug 24 We're in this together D Brown Aug 31 The last day J Harrington Sep 07 Q & A E Gilpin Sep 14 Looking up E Mickens Sep 21 The First Friends and Family Day E Gilpin Sep 28 Ruth 3 J Anderson Oct 05 Lessons in cliches J Guilliams Oct 12 Q & A E Gilpin Oct 19 Ruth 3 J Anderson Oct 26 Ruth 3 - 4 J Anderson Nov 09 Q & A E Gilpin Nov 16 Q & A (Jesus and Mary - Sword) E Gilpin Nov. 23Thanks be unto God E Gilpin  Nov 30 Lessons from Joseph and Daniel A Van R & J Harrington Dec 07 Samson N Pelfrey Dec 14 Q & A E Gilpin Dec 21 Q & A E Gilpin 

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