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History of West Side

The church of Christ had its beginning in New Testament times. Many Old Testament prophets spoke of its coming (Is. 2; Dan. 2; Joel 2). Jesus promised to build it (Mt. 16:18). Numerous New Testament preachers spoke of it existence (Acts 5:11; 20:28; Eph. 5:21-29; I Tim. 3:15; etc.). The saved of the first century were added to it by the Lord Himself (Acts 2:47). Thus, the church of Christ is an institution almost 2000 years old. The West Side Church of Christ is a congregation of this same body that was founded by the Lord and established on Pentecost in A.D. 33. This particular congregation was begun in 1967. It met in its current building for the first time on August 27, 1967. There were 76 present for Bible Study, 80 for morning worship and 76 for the evening worship service. The contribution well. Howard Parker was the first of these and endeared himself to many people in this area. Steve Watson, Bill Threet, Gene Stilwell, Glenn Colley and Floyd Bailey followed him. Eddy Gilpin is the current preacher and Jerry Anderson is the current assisant minister. The first elders to serve this congregation were Fred Murray and Collin Gregory. Others who have served in this capacity include: Ortie Boyd, Lacy Rowe, Rob Kinney, Don Pettit, Bobby Martin, Charles Maness, and Barry White. The current elders are Jeff Durham, Eddy Gilpin, Danny Guard and Charlie Gwaltney. As part of it mission efforts, in 1975 a nucleus of from the West Side congregation moved to Vinton and began the Lake Drive congregation, which in turn, began the Dale Ridge congregation in 1989 in the same fashion. Various good efforts have been supported over the years. Several men have been supported while attending schools of preaching. Good mission works have been and continue to be supported by this congregation. Currently much is being done in Tanzania, East Africa. Twelve students are being supported in the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. Sponsorship for Tom Duff began in June 2008, as he attends the Memphis School of Preaching. Each month numerous members contribute "over and above" their regular weekly contributions through such programs as "Gimme Five for Tanzania" (in which $5 monthly is given by such individuals and families specifically for African mission work). The original building in which the West Side church meets was completed in 1967. An annex was added in 1985 and new kitchen and handicap bathroom facilities were completed in December 2006. As always with any growing organization, there are plans for future expansion of needed facilities. Numerous well-known, solid men have spoken for gospel meetings, workshops, youth gatherings, seminars, and other special occasions. Other outstanding gospel preachers are scheduled for such events for several years into the future. Many fine Christian ladies have likewise spoken for special events for the ladies. In 1989 the first of the annual "Introduce a Friend" days was conducted with a record attendance of 311. This event, which introduces our annual spring gospel meeting, is one of the highlights of the year. In addition of this, every fall we have a special gospel meeting. Opportunities for personal growth and service abound here at West Side. Bible classes focus on various Biblical subjects. We are blessed to have several outstanding Bible teachers for every class. Special classes for new converts are conducted on a continual basis for those new in the faith or for those who might want to brush up on the basics. Classes for every age group meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. The curriculum forth children's classes has been written in house and provides a child with a study of the entire Bible during his pre-adolescent and adolescent years. Various textual and topical classes are taught on the adult level on a continual basis. Regularly, special studies, (grief, Christian evidences, marriage, etc. ) are presented as the need arises. West Side provides a place for every individual to grow as a Christian in a loving and caring atmosphere. The elders are attuned to the needs of the congregation and maintain vigilance to insure that truth is upheld and the flock is fed the spiritual nourishment it requires. If you are not a member here, there is a place for you here at West Side. If you are, there is a place of service waiting for you where your talents can be put to use. You can be a part of a loving and friendly congregation here at West Side. Please accept our invitation to see what we are about or to become more deeply involved in the work of this group of God's people. You will be glad you did.

Sunday November 3, 2013

Our gospel meeting started with John Shannon and our first time in the new auditorium.
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